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Mobile performance testing for teams of all sizes




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    Full profile of Android and iOS apps

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    Unlimited tests using our Desktop app

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    60 min profiling session length

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    Set custom profiling thresholds



Everything in Free, plus

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    Secure team cloud workspace

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    Shareable reports

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    Automated mobile performance tests

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    Real devices in the cloud or on-prem device lab support

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    Github Action

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    Custom integrations

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    Dedicated onboarding

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    Mobile performance expert available

  • Premium support


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apptim? +

Apptim is a mobile performance platform that proactively measures app performance and UX, improving developer efficiency by 60%.

You can use Apptim during development to improve your app performance and identify potential issues in 3 main areas:

  • Device resource usage (cpu, memory, battery consumption, etc.)
  • User experience (rendering times, events or actions response times)
  • App crashes (code exceptions, ARNs or crashes due to intense resource usage)

There are two main ways to use Apptim:

  • using Apptim Desktop to manually profile your app with your own device. You can get started for free by following this guide.
  • using Apptim CLI with automated tests running on a real device farm in the cloud or with in-house real devices.

What type of apps can I test with Apptim? +

Apptim supports any type of native/hybrid mobile app developed in Android or iOS.

For hybrid frameworks, like Unity, React Native or Ionic, you may not get platform-specific performance issues/suggestions, but you can still use Apptim to get performance reports and crashes.

Note: if your app uses SDKs like HockeyApp or Crashlytics, you might want to see more details of crashes captured by Apptim in those tools.

What information is captured by Apptim? +

When using Apptim during a profiling session (manual or automated), you will automatically capture:

  • Screenshots
  • Video of the profling session
  • Device resource usage (CPU, Memory, Battery, Storage I/O)
  • Device-specific information like OS version, screen density, screen size and hardware details
  • App Crashes and ANRs (Application Not Responding)
  • App Render times, Threads, SQL times
  • Device logs

Apptim also allows you to measure UX event duration and response times of user actions by using Apptim Marks.

You can learn more about each metric measured by Apptim, by going to our Help Center and typing the name of the metric (i.e. 'CPU') in the search box.

How do I get started with Apptim? +

If you are looking to manually profile your app, the first step is to register for a free account here. You can then use your designated email and password to log in to Apptim and download our app for Mac or Windows.

If you want to try our CLI tool, you can book a demo with our team.

Does Apptim work with automated testing? +

Yes, we support running automated tests with Apptim CLI tool.

We also provide capabilities to run automated performance tests using real devices in the cloud. This is currently available as part of our Team plans.

Can I integrate Apptim with CI/CD? +

Yes, Apptim can be run with automated tests using real devices, and can be easily integrated to any CI server. To know more about this option, you can book a demo with our team.

What kind of support is available? +

Our team’s greatest concern is making sure our users successfully run tests and obtain the data they need about app performance.

We currently have two types of support plans for users:

  • Free plan: Access to our Help Center.
  • Team plan: Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm EST, Email, Chat, Phone and Zoom calls, Slack Channel, 24 hour response time. Higher support tiers available.

Do I need a credit card for the free version? +

No credit card required to get started with our free plan!

Can I try out the paid features before buying? +

You can start using Apptim Desktop for free, and at any time, if you want to try out Apptim CLI or any of the Team features, you can book a demo with our team.

Want to speak with a real person about Apptim?

Contact us at [email protected] or ping us in the chat!