Fully test your mobile app and improve performance at minimum effort

Mobile app performance is complex, and testing it can be even harder. Apptim makes it easier and faster to find performance issues in every build.

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A powerful mobile performance dashboard for you team

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    Measure app render times, power consumption, device resource usage, capture crashes and more on both Android and iOS devices.

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    Run tests locally then share in-depth reports or save them to your team’s private workspace.

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    Compare performance from different test sessions.

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Reduce the cost of fixing performance issues by 3x

Use Apptim with your existing manual or automated tests using in-house devices or a cloud device farm to find performance issues ahead of go-live, instead of having to fix them in production. Seamlessly integrate with any CI pipeline.

Shift Left Mobile Performance Testing

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Test Performance of new code

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Test Performance of every build

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Test Performance of every deployment

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Test Performance in production

Easy to use, no high learning curve

Apptim provides a user-friendly interface that anyone in the team can use, yet captures all the nitty-gritty details that developers need to pour over. No need to worry about installing heavy SDKs or changing the app’s code.

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Make mobile performance testing a team effort

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In every build, test your app performance with minimum effort. Easily troubleshoot app crashes and exceptions.

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Improve app experience by getting visibility on the true end-user perspective. Discover critical bugs in your app faster.

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Release new versions of your app with confidence. Get full visibility on end user experience and performance trends.